This document was approved at the October Directors Meeting, 2011 (01-10-2011)

Moora Moora Cooperative Community - Vision and 5-Year Plan

Reference to the Original Manifesto

“We are creating a co-operative community with a diversity of personalities and lifestyles that enable us to shape our environment and live with people of our own choosing. Our primary concerns are social, educational and ecological.”


Moora Moora is a community where we are committed to sharing our lives.
We accept and support each other in a loving and conscious way, encouraging growth, balance and health.

Moora Moora is a place where we realise our dreams.
We share and work cooperatively to co-create our lives.

Moora Moora is a mountain of beauty, art and healing.
Our relationships with each other and the Earth create an opportunity for spiritual evolution.

Moora Moora is a centre for innovation and learning.
We practise the art of living with self, each other and the Earth.


At Moora Moora we …

Nurture our minds, bodies and spirits
Relate to each other with love, integrity and care
Encourage and support each other
Welcome diversity
Uphold equity and fairness
Look after both group and individual needs
Actively participate in intentional community
Support participatory democracy
Encourage individual and collective responsibility
Cherish our relationships with our children
Welcome and integrate new members
Honour and support our elders
Feel gratitude for the abundance we have
Share spiritual expression and evolution
Celebrate together
Look after and actively seek to improve our environment
Respect the interests of other species in our decision-making
Encourage self and community reliance to sustain ourselves locally
Generate our own renewable energy and aim to be carbon neutral
Demonstrate alternative ways to live
Inspire others simply through our existence
Offer service to the wider world

Aim 1

Moora Moora aims to create a healthy community where we live well together
(The ‘service’ we provide to our members)

Plans & Projects

Look after our existing infrastructure (2)
Develop maintenance schedule Works
Love the Lodge Works
Sell Old House to a member who will love it (7) Community meeting
Build or purchase retirement flats on MM or in Healesville (3) Community meeting
Establish a burial site Special interest group

Continue transport sharing/car pooling system (1) Transport
Buy a community bus for school or group outings Transport
Build biodiesel plant Special interest group
Build fuel alcohol still Special interest group

Consider grid-interactivity Community meeting
Establish CB network (2) Special interest group

Encourage the passing on of skills (3) Special interest group
Form small groups to share and support particular interests Special interest group

Establish business incubator (1) Community meeting

Provide childcare Special interest group
Undertake home schooling (1) Special interest group

Establish a conservation covenant Land Management
Implement Whole Farm Plan (3) Land Management
Improve Farm infrastructure Land Management
Support CSA Community meeting
Establish livestock CSA Special interest group

Plant a circle of trees Cinnamon
Build hot tub & sauna (1) Jeremy
Build pizza oven Jeremy
Hold regular film nights Meredith

Aim 2

Moora Moora aims to share our experience of co-operative living to inspire others
(The ‘service’ we provide to the wider world)

Plans & Projects

Learning Centre
Earth keepers
1st Sunday tours
Gemini party/gatherings
MM & music festivals
School tours Learning Centre

Increase public exposure through media Learning Centre & Membership
Improve internet presence and information Jason & Sean

Grow Learning Centre to assist others at MM to grow too Learning Centre
Build a dedicated Learning Centre facility (7) Community meeting
Build more accommodation
Run learning programs (eg. Findhorn-like courses) Learning Centre
Build practice rooms Special interest group
Run Earthkeepers Simon
Develop other schooling
Host interns

Maintain Besilau partnership Community Development

Create a spiritual centre Special interest group

Aim 3

Moora Moora aims to decide collaboratively and work cooperatively
(Our collaborative process)

Plans & Projects

Maintain DMs and decision making
Support CMs
Maintain committees
Strengthen cluster culture

Actively develop interpersonal relationship skills Special interest group
Support members who are experiencing hardship Directors

Encourage workday participation inside and outside of MM Works
Recognize different forms of contribution to MM (1)

Review decision making processes Directors

Organize economic activity Finance
Explore participatory economics

Support and cultivate social occasions (3) (eg. art exhibitions, Gemini parties, film nights) Social
Cultivate spiritual ceremonies and discussions (2) Special interest group

Attract new members (1) Membership