At present Moora Moora has 50 members, most of whom live here full-time.

The process of becoming a member of Moora Moora involves a number of steps and takes up to two years. The first point of contact is often through attending a Visitors’ Day, held at 1:30pm on the first Sunday of each month. Then interested visitors are invited to participate in our co-op workdays, also held on the first Sunday of every month.

We encourage potential members to visit regularly to allow a deeper understanding of the various aspects of the community. They would be encouraged to attend our Co-op Workdays, Directors’ and Community Meetings, our monthly café and social events and to participate in cluster workdays. Such participation is essential in getting to know Moora Moora and our people and to become known in turn.

Becoming a Friend of Moora Moora both supports the community and signifies an interest in furthering membership exploration. This involves payment of a $200 interest-free refundable loan.

After some months of regular involvement in Moora Moora, the next step is for a Friend to apply to become a Non Member Resident, if accommodation is available. Houses that are available for sale or for rent are listed here. Living in a cluster as a Non Member Resident provides a trial in experiencing life as a member of our intentional community, with all the advantages, obligations and at times difficulties that ensue.

If approved by a Directors’ Meeting, Non-Member Residency is usually granted for a 12 month period. Daily involvement in cluster and community activities at MM, coupled with earning a living, being more self-reliant in a more demanding climate and keeping up outside commitments is not for everybody. Non Member Residents are expected to attend Co-op and cluster workdays, Directors’ and Community Meetings and to be actively involved in all aspects of community life.

It is expected that after a trial of MM life for 12 months, a Non Member Resident will decide to apply to join the co-operative or make plans to leave. A decision to apply for membership is signified by the NMR nominating for membership. Under some circumstances, an extension to Non Member Residency may be sought at a Directors Meeting.

Nomination involves a number of processes and occurs over some months. It is designed to ensure a positive and beneficial fit between the nominated Non-Member Resident and Moora Moora.

We continue to welcome new members to our community. From time to time homes become available for purchase in our clusters as members leave because of age, physical issues or other lifestyle considerations. If you are drawn to community and its needs for commitments such as those outlined here, we welcome your enquiry to our Membership Committee.

If you would like to get more information about Moora Moora, contact our Membership Committee by writing to:

The Membership Committee,
Moora Moora Cooperative Community
P.O. Box 214

Or by sending an e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.