Are you interested in community living? This Spring the Moora Moora Learning Centre is offering a weekend-long workshop that we think you will find valuable.

Living in a social community has been the context for most of the history of humanity. With a growing loss of community and natural connections in everyday life, and with the cost of housing becoming out of reach, an increasing number of people are seeking alternatives.

Choosing to live in community demands cooperation and resource-sharing; it requires a range of skills and attributes that our contemporary society has lost sight of with its encouragement of small, mobile, nuclear families often living away from deep relationships with family, friends and neighbours.

During this group-format workshop we will explore:

  • opportunities and challenges of living in community
  • multi-generational living
  • values, skills and attributes needed to share and live with others in community
  • community structures and resilience, and governance,
  • balancing relationships and individuality
  • entitlements, duties and responsibilities of community living.

Participants will also have an opportunity to meet and interact with other members and residents during our monthly meeting and work-day weekend.


When: From 7.00pm Friday 1st November to the afternoon of Sunday 3rd November

Cost: $340.00 per person including all meals (vegetarian) and bunk-room style accommodation

Venue: The Lodge at the Moora Moora Cooperative Community, 109 Moora Road, Healesville, 3777

Limited to a maximum of fifteen places (sorry, but no children or pets please)

We will be drawing from 45 years of experience and learning at Moora Moora. The workshop will be facilitated by cofounder and elder of Moora Moora, Peter Cock, and other members of the Moora Moora Community.

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For more information: Contact the Learning Centre Coordinator, Ellise, on 0427 801 633.

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